Established in 1988, HiSpec Engineering Ltd is a family owned company based in Co. Carlow, Ireland. Since the company’s inception it has grown progressively and established a solid reputation throughout the agricultural industry as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality machinery. Their core activity is design, manufacturing and maintenance of high quality, innovative and reliable machinery for use throughout the agricultural industry.  www.hispec.net

Tanker Product Range 

TD-S tandem tankers offer greater carrying capacities than single axle tankers. With capacities from 2000 – 4000 gallons (9,092 to 18,866 litres), farmers and contractors are looking for greater efficiency. TD-S tankers are fitted as standard with a swivel hitch, sprung drawbar and a high speed commercial tandem axle for operator comfort.

The SA-R range of vacuum tankers are premium single axle recessed slurry tankers for farmers and contractors alike. The capacities of the SA-R range from 1350 to 3000 gallons (6,137 to 13,784 litres).  Sizes from 1350 upwards to 2600 come standard on a stepped axle to dramatically lower the overall height of the tanker. HiSpec also use Alliance tyres as standard on these sizes. Alliance tyres are seen as a premium quality radial tyre for heavy-duty field and hauling jobs.

The Mixmax Paddle feeder uses a single rotor with individual paddle arms to rotate the mix at approximately 7-8 rpm per minute. The paddle arms sweep the feed to the top of the mixing chamber. The feed also passes between the serrated knives where additional cutting is performed on the fibres. The mix reaches the top of the mixing chamber and gently tumbles back into the mixing chamber. The specifically designed paddles are fitted with angled sweepers and these push the mix along the entire feeder body. These angled sweepers guarantee complete end to end mixing of all the ingredients.

Vertical Feeder 

The V series vertical augers from HiSpec are a range of feeders from 7 to 16m³ with a single auger. A single discharge door is standard. The strength and quality of workmanship is easy to see on the V Series. An independent reinforced chassis and a single axle provide a solid base for the feeder body. There is a choice of tyre options to vary either the loading or feedout height. The independent chassis features four Digi-Star weigh-cells as standard; one on each corner; and these weigh-cells provide an extremely accurate indicator of feed weight.

T series vertical auger feeders range in size from 14 to 32m³ with two vertical augers. A single discharge door is standard. The larger capacity T Series can produce feed loads for 98 – 224 cows (140 – 320 cattle). The T Series is built with the same strength in depth as all HiSpec machines. The heavy duty 20mm floor is complete with unique vertical reinforcement as standard across the T Series.

Side Spreader 
The HiSpec side-spreader range is one of the leading spreaders on the market today. Built with a 5mm fully welded heavy duty barrel, the spreader is capable of handling all types of manure. The side-spreader is available in two sizes, both of which feature a strong fully integrated chassis frame giving maximum support, strength and durability to the barrel. This also reduces stresses on the barrel as the spreader is unloading.

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