Formula 500 Service Programme

Formula 500 service programme is open to all equipment new and used. First service at 100 hours charged at the agreed price and thereafter at the planned hour intervals. 

Charged at agreed price per machine, following the published service schedules. Extra travelling time will be charged if service is requested outside our dealer territory. Customer is responsible for routine maintenance as detailed in the Operators Handbook. Only fuels and lubricants, as recommended in the Operators Handbook, to be used. Failure to carry out a service or routine maintenance can invalidate any warranty. 

Any maintenance items not included in the programme, identified during the service, will be noted and the customer informed of any additional cost before the work is undertaken. No additional work will be undertaken without the customers express permission. Payment is due after invoice according to our Standard Terms. VAT extra or Payment has been included in Finance Agreement 

It is the customer’s responsibility to notify GORDONS when a service is due and arrange a suitable date for the work to be carried out.

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