Storth Machinery are the leading manufacturer of slurry handling equipment in the UK. Established in 1999 by Chris Richardson and Alan Looker, the founding directors have used their extensive knowledge of the market to grow the business into what it is today: a worldwide brand exporting to over 30 countries. Based on the outskirts of Holme village on the Cumbria – Lancashire border, Storth is central to the UK market and benefits from key infrastructure links such as the M6 motorway and Heysham ferry terminal.

Hydraulic Scraper System
The Storth Hydraulic Scraper System has been developed with a number of unique options not found on any other hydraulic scraper systems on the market. Our Hydraulic Scraper System provides you with a high quality system that requires minimal maintenance with a long life cycle

Pro-Rope Scraper Systems
The key feature of the Storth system is our selection, after many years of research, of the very best rope.Through many years of research, Storth has developed a rope system which is unrivalled by any competitor due to using the right rope.The Pro Rope is described as “the world’s strongest fibre”, which is used in many industries including Military and Off Shore Drilling Rigs. This gives the backbone to the Pro Rope System. It is hard wearing and so needs less maintenance.The system is simply run by two winches; one pulls the rope onto the drum whilst the other pulls off. This is a quiet and simple system, has low running costs and is very easy to operate

Chain Scraper System
The Storth Chain Scraper System has been designed and manufactured to a high standard of engineering using high quality components and the most technically advanced electrical control system on the market, allowing simple operation, minimal maintenance and long life cycle.Typically built to Storth’s robust engineering standards, their solid construction and attention to animal safety in their design means that Chain Scraper Systems are highly suited to beef cattle, pig buildings and sheds with uneven floors.

Measure and installation service available on request for all scrapers

Spreader Bars
Single Spreader Bar
Twin Spreader Bar
Three robust models are available in the twin spreader range they are the “FarmerPlus”, “Contractor” and “ContractorPlus”. Standard features include full galvanisation, vertical fold transportation arms, alloy spread plates and 180° pivoting hose mounting swing arms.

Dribble Bars
Vertical Fold Dribble Bars are available for umbilical or tanker mounting with working widths from 7m–12m. A robust central frame design achieves close coupling, narrow transport width and strength to support reeler piggy-backing. Storth’s own NovaCut Distributor is installed to ensure consistent and accurate material processing. Mounted horizontally uniform distribution is guaranteed across all of the 40mm distributor outlets despite any potential fluctuation in feed.

Trailing Shoes
In order to use slurry optimally in growing crops low-emission spreading is important. Ideally this requires application at the soil surface with minimum leaf contamination, when achieved nutrients can be absorbed efficiently providing enhanced crop performance. Storth’s unique design of Trailing Shoe has been developed with this principle in mind and effectively parts the leaf prior to placing the slurry on the soil surface.

Reelers & Lay Flat Hoses 
FarmerPlus Bobbin available in 600m or 1000m carrying capacities, the FarmerPlus Bobbin Reeler can be mounted at the front or rear of a tractor. In addition, many customers are combining the Bobbin with Storth’s Farmer Plus Twin Spreader to give a simple budget price piggy back system.

Polyurethane hose provides compact, durable and lightweight service, the hose offers superb value due to its robust design. Traditional PVC hose incorporates spiral reinforcement sandwiched between stiff layers of PVC, whereas Snap-tite PU features a strong circular woven reinforcement. This allows the polyurethane to be extruded through the weave, fully encapsulating the textile reinforcement.The strong yet pliable hose wall resists abrasion, cracking, puncturing and degradation from oil, ozone, petrochemicals, ultraviolet light and weathering

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