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CLAAS tractor customer review: AW Currie & Son, Barndennoch Farm, Auldgirth, Dumfries

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Pictured: Barndennoch employee for 40 years, David Watret and Jack Currie with their CLAAS ARION 530

A 1300-acre dairy farm with 650 milking cows, milking three times per day, and Limousin beef calves that are sold at three/four-months-old, Barndennoch is occupied by the Currie family, Alan, Deirdre, and their three sons, Jack, Matthew, and Tom, all of whom contribute to the day-to-day running of the farm. The Curries also employ David Watret, who is the longest serving member of their current workforce and has been at Barndennoch for 40 years full-time.

Working with Gordons, Dumfries depot, and their dedicated salesperson, Davy Lamont, the Curries have now owned 10 CLAAS tractors since 2008 and continue to invest in the brand. The line-up includes a CLAAS ARION 510, CLAAS ARION 530, and CLAAS ARION 650. The CLAAS ARION 530 is due to be replaced soon with a CLAAS ARION 630 CIS+ with auto-steer.

“CLAAS back-up is the main reason for our commitment to the brand,” said Alan, “CLAAS stands by its products, and I think that’s important for any manufacturer.”

Since 1996, the Curries have also owned six CLAAS JAGUARS as well as front and rear CLAAS DICSO mowers and CLAAS 2900 rakes, as well as Trioliet diet feeders and Smyth Trailers; it’s clear to see that Barndennoch have a strong relationship with Gordons.

Alan continued: “We’ve grown up together, us, Gordons and Davy Lamont.

“Our relationship with Gordons is great and the backup is second to none, even during times when our products do break down, which can occasionally happen as with any machine, they will always do whatever they can to sort us out.

“I’ve seen the boys coming out at one o’clock in the morning to get us back up and running for the next morning!”

As in any operation, communication is key and Alan credits this as a positive factor in his relationship with Gordons.

“Gordons listen to us. If we say there is a problem, they take it on board and go out of their way to resolve it. Answering the phone is also a great start and Gordons are absolutely the best at being available,” he added.

Alan’s relationship with Davy Lamont goes back a long way and, like many salesmen, Alan thinks Davy is a classic at his job. He said: “Davy always takes your enquiry and follows up very quickly.”

Future progression at Barndennoch is cemented. with Alan’s son, 24-year-old Jack lined up to continue the Curries’ legacy as well as the relationship with Gordons.

Many thanks to the Curries and the Barndennoch team for hosting Gordons for the afternoon – we look forward to continuing our long-standing and solid relationship.