Forage Harvesters

CLAAS have built-up an unrivalled reputation for providing high-quality forage harvesters since 1973. They are the market world leader, with more than 40,000 CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvesters manufactured to date. However, their work is not done.

CLAAS continue to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their machines, consistently making your work more productive. At GORDONS, we’re proud to supply the JAGUAR range of forage harvesters to complement the needs of your agricultural operation.

The JAGUAR range will save you up to 10% in diesel due to its economical design. The model strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency. The machine also offers ultimate soil protection, with traction and pressure spread across twice the area of contact.

Designed with usability in mind, the JAGUAR forage harvester design is intuitive. Maintenance is easily performed thanks to an increased level of accessibility. SHREDLAGE® is also a key feature of the forager. This conditioning technology processes the crop intensively, increasing the surface area of the chopped material. This is beneficial to dairy farmers because it is better for cows, allowing them to produce more milk.

Choose from the JAGUAR 980-930, JAGUAR TERRA TRAC and JAGUAR 870-840. Our staff are well-positioned to help you understand the advantages of each model according to your agricultural land. The TERRA TRAC, for example, is the ideal choice for those needing extra soil and grassland protection.

To learn more about how the CLAAS JAGUAR series can assist your harvest, contact your local GORDONS depot. You can find us in Castle Douglas, Berryhill, Castle Kennedy, Dumfries, Strathaven or Whauphill.

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