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The innovative range of mowers by CLAAS enable our customers to achieve great results, even on the most irregular of farmland.

It’s always satisfying to get a perfect cut, which is why we supply the CLAAS DISCO mowers. The DISCO models strike the perfect balance between outstanding chop quality and efficiency. Each DISCO mower features a disc mower bed and most have the option of a steel tine conditioner to help wilt the crop. Working widths do vary between the models, from 2.1m to 10.3m. As such, the DISCO mowers can cater to any land size. Whether you’re working on a small farm or significant contracting operation, we can supply you with a model that suits.

ACTIVE FLOAT is available on most DISCO mowers. The hydraulic suspension enables both improved contour-following and fuel efficiency. All of the 50 series and CONTOUR models are fitted with the CLAAS MAX CUT mower bed, which has an in-built SAFETY LINK system to protect the drive line.

As well as the disc mowers, we can also supply CLAAS drum mowers from the CORTO range. Plenty favour the CORTO mowers as they are extremely reliable, guarantee high efficiency and facilitate safe mowing. The CORTO machines are often the mower of choice for dairy farmers. They find the advanced grass feed collection technology superior to other machines.

From mixed farming to dairy, we can find the ideal mower to match your specifications. Alongside our CLAAS mowers, we also supply used models from well-known manufacturers, such as Spearhead.

To find out more, you can find your nearest GORDONS dealership in Castle Douglas, Berryhill, Castle Kennedy, Dumfries, Strathaven or Whauphill.

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